• Better construction and long life,
A closed structure protecting coil and magnetic shunts,
• High temperature resistant bottom and top concretes,
• Additional weight system,
Open type base structure to reduce moisture,
Optional return system addition for slag removal,
• A more durable structure,
A structure suitable for a better loading or charging charging system,
Magnetic shunts that prevent the body from heating and the induction current to dissipate,
Longer-lasting bobbin structure by means of magnetic shunts pressing the coil,
• Structure suitable for automatic primer removal,
• Longer-lasting lining thanks to the cooling spigots on the bottom and top,
• More suitable structure for the operator and in terms of mine temperature loss
due to the furnace mouth cover,
• Less environmental pollution with the dust holding ring.
120 tons / month casting capacity
2x 1000 Kg cooker
1x 35 Kg high frequency cooker
1x Automatic sandblasting machine
1x Resin sand line
1x Core machine