Hard Fillet Welding

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On this road we set out with the goal of catching the best, our machine park, which we have modernized by following the developing technology, our team that grows and specializes day by day, our ability to serve in all processes from design to turnkey product, and our ability to serve in a wide range of production. our features.

Hard Fillet Welding

Hard fillet welding operations conducted at our Başiskele plant. These are conducted with the purpose of repair, filling or renewal of parts exposed to temperature, thermal fatigue, corrosion or friction wear such as continuous casting rollers, relays, valves and flanges used in gas, water and steam environment.

It is applied to obtain welding metal in martensitic structure. Steel castings in martensitic and martensitic-ferritic structure can be applied in rolling and forging purpose steels. All NC machines used for maintenance and repair works have been designed and commissioned by our company.

Qualified personnel of our machinery which provide maximum level of adhesion resistance. With welding abilities perform continuous controls with control devices in each stage of the production, thus assuring welding quality.